Monday, October 31, 2005

marry me elaine daly

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(photography[sutra house], photoshop cs)

i caught up with the brainy and bootylicious elaine daly at the sutra house on thursday night... heck, what a fine female specimen *grins*... former miss malaysia universe 2003/2004... she currently spends her time, acting in movies, stage plays, soap operas, emceeing, doing tv commercials, print ads, modelling and cat walking...

pictures might tell a thousand words but heck, you gotta see this woman in the flesh. she's one freaking hot, talkative, funny and smart girl... did i say she hot? oh yes i did *starry eyed*

marry me elaine daly!~ *chasing after elanie daly who beating a hasty retreat*

Track Of The Day: Natalie feat. Baby Bash - Energy


Blogger cyber-red said...

super fat-hiow face.. hahahahahhaha =P

12:06 AM  
Blogger Hedonistics Anonymous said...

eeee... seth is actually smiling.. =D

for some reason hor, methinks you look cuter than elaine daly. serious.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Chienne said...

he kek cute for her barr.. looks like some smirky cat or something..

6:35 PM  
Blogger diana said...

SUKANYA DIA! hahaha i so know ur going to leave this post for a year on ur main page. ;)

12:02 AM  
Blogger seth.frostheart said...

reta: hiow ur head la hottie!!~ i hiow with u then only u noe... but then hor, i noe u dun mind, bwahahahaha!~ :P

hedo: not a common occurence... i only smile in the company of xb but hey, it's not everyday you get to chat up a miss malaysia/universe okay? of cos i grin grin like an idiot loh, lol!~

i dunno.. say thanks or smack you on ur arse cos doesn't cute means ugly but adorable.. gee thanks :P i guess i'll smack u on ur arse, wahahaha!~

irene: diam ko.. bising saja.. mau kenak pukul ka? :P

intan: YAY YAY YAY!!~ SUKANYE SAYA!!~ not everyday i get to chat up with a hot and smart babe okay? selebrity femes gitu.. fuuhhh! gosh, the post will get pushed down la boo... :P

3:51 AM  
Blogger Chienne said...

ooh spanky spanky~! i like.. LOL! *bares teeth threateningly*

hedo: no la, he smiles a lot in the company of friends, only looks serious/dead/miserable in pix.

7:50 PM  
Blogger Primrose said...

...Or make a naughty comment. Sure get Seth to grin one. *nudge nudge*

11:41 PM  
Blogger seth.frostheart said...

irene: alamak.. wrong threat to a girl tht likes it rough, lol!!~ :P

frances: O.o oh hush!~ no more webcamming with you, lol...

3:00 PM  

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