Sunday, January 01, 2006


after the confetti has been swept away into the dust pan... after picking out the streamers from each other's hair, when you wake up in a tangle at noon on 1st january 2006... after the liquor spills has dried up on the living room rug... after all the laughters... after all the alcohol induced good wishes... after flirting with all the girls and a boy or two... after rolling on the bed, stealing kisses with the girl your best friend has brought to the party...

2006 is here, and it still feels the same after all...

happy new year... may the year bring you what you want, providing you put in a little work here and there of course, yes? *smiles*

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Blogger Chienne said...

maybe for you...

it doesn't feel anything like my past few new years.

i hurt a little, yet feel more in control, suddenly feel less helpless, more... me.

NYE drinking alone in my living room, tears running down cheeks strangely numb, forsaking the parties for my own peace of mind...

i guess this year i found my direction.

9:19 PM  
Blogger LoveMichie said...

nye was spent drinking a 10 yr old bottle of champagne with my family on the deck and watching the firewoks.

for some strange reason 1996 seems so close. everything is moving too fast for me and nothing feels the same anymore.

oh well. lets go out soon ok? ill be gone in a few months. *hugs tight*

7:57 AM  

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