Wednesday, April 06, 2005


me and sis aka cindy sat on the darkened balcony, smoking red marls+jane silently... watching the night skies open up a great torrent on the ground 15 stories below us. red tipped red marls+jane glowed orange-red on our heavily shadowed face... behind us in the dark living room, the radio tripped out to Thievery Corp... and brought us along for the audio-sensory ride...

she asked me, "Am i that transparent? so sepia-boring-toned?"

I said, "no... you're all color to me... some people just see black and white better..."

"it's a shame then..", she sighed, "i could have rocked his world in a technicolour lsd swirl..."

"I don't doubt that... cos' you're definitely all color to me", I smiled and she smiled back a rainbow at me...

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(image of cindy, x-ray taken from medical files, manipulated in photoshop cs)

Track Of The Day: Dj Shadow - 38.45.


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