Sunday, May 22, 2005

mer de noms: jamie

Recollecting Jamie...

Jamie Chee was the first girl I kissed, or rather she was the first girl who kissed me. During a particular Sports Day, she tackled me on the field, sat on my chest and planted a smack on my lips before running off laughing. She did that at a time when I felt girls were the yuckiest and ickiest of things on the face of the planet. I was angry, ashamed and disgusted. Our parents and teachers were looking and laughing from the sidelines. I ignored her for two whole week and made her the saddest girl in class. When I felt bad and I started to speak to her again, she became the happiest girl I've ever seen. I was young then and I didn't understand why my heart felt sad when she was sad. And when she was happy, emotionally, I leapt with joy as well...

So she was the first girl who kissed me, her name's Jamie Chee and we were both 9 then...

When I was a kid, I never understood my parents' need to move around so much and why my dad had to change job locations every few years. Then later I found out that civil engineers do that a lot... move around with projects. So, I switched schools like 4 times right up until I started my lower secondary. One thing I hate more than making new friends is losing old ones and as time passed, I lost Jamie. I grew up, I forgot. I found new friends and new games. New places, new interests. But little do we know our parents kept in touch through the years, having parents-only dinners and meet ups. So I saw her again, after such a long time. It was during her 15th birthday when her mom invited me and my parents over. So here was two old friends, standing face to face. The years spent apart made us felt like total strangers. Being uncomfortable and awkward teenagers didn't help either. We smiled and said hi to each other, shaking each others' hand cordially. It was awkward to say the least, especially when the alcohol took effect and conversations of our parents deviated from them and their life to ours. Especially reflecting on the "do you remember their good old days when they were young" topic. So we sat there, red faced. She whined and begged at her mom to stop. I just kept quiet and sunk a few more feet deeper into the plush sofa. Oh god, the laughing... it's like being 9 all over again (>___<)

The night passed by fairly quickly with us kids being loaded on shandy and the occasional beer stolen from the cooler. We said our goodbyes, promising to catch up and maybe go out sometime. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the beer talking but I could be wrong. Hey who am I kidding? I was 15 and I don't understand girls at all back then( and I pretty damn well sure I still don't understand them now as well *sighs*) But we did eventually met up a few more times, tagging along when our moms went on their shopping sessions. We were still awkward but after a few meets, we warmed up enough to go wandering on our own.

It was wonderful, this feeling of rediscovering an old friend but unfortunately like all things good, it came to an end too soon. Growing up and living different lives, It's quite hard to slot someone into a life that's running on a different routine. I don't blame her, I doubt she blames me either. Too many "I'm sorry I can't make it today. Let's try another day" and we slowly drited apart again.

last I heard she was a stewardress doing international routes on SIA. I would think nothing less of her. She's not that much of a beauty, slim and tall though. But guessing how plain most catwalkers are nowadays, she would be considered quite pretty I guess. And lately(a few years back) my mom told me she got married to a malay guy and they divorced not too long after. That's sad....

So this is an ode to the first girl who kissed me, where ever you are now. I doubt I can get in touch with her again cos' our parents lost touch as well. But wouldn't it be wonderful I could just say hi to her again and maybe break the ice a little bit faster this time around cos' sub-consciously she has and will always have a special place in my heart.

"Hey do you remember when we were nine you kissed me? You're the first girl that I've ever kissed... I still remember... "

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Blogger Saffron said...

Awww, it's so cute how she kissed you. :)

Sometimes relationships just end, either because of laziness (which I am guilty of), apathy (again, guilty), situational factors, or it just ends. It doesn't have to last forever to leave an imprint, and it doesn't have to leave an imprint to last forever. With yours, I think it left an indelible one. :)

For some reason I keep imagining the 9-yo you as a pint-sized version of yourself now, complete with spiky hairdo and chunky specs. Haha.

1:03 AM  
Blogger cyber-red said...

I think that's really really shweet, how u related the story =)))

11:21 PM  
Blogger priya said...

Such an adorable story - esp since she was the go-getter ;)

11:40 PM  
Blogger seth.frostheart said...

saffy: when ur 9 and you hate girls, i don't think you find that cute, lol..

i myself am guilty of not trying most of the time because a) the usual "i don't wanna lose a friend if it doesn't work out" b) apathy (me and my "disappear for 3 months trick"). and even if i did try, see where i am now... limbo... zzzz. now, pray tell, why do you think i'd rather play safe and risk losing someone :P *sighs*

well actually, the pint sized me is exactly like you mentioned, sans the spiky hair tho. mine was a side parted flop top, lol :D the thick geekoid black framed specs is the by-product of too much sesame street and electric company, 5 feet away from the idiot box... >___<

reta: :D

priya: it's funny how when we're way way younger... it's easier for us to show our affections... we grow up and build too much walls around ourselves to safeguard our emotions...

11:32 AM  

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