Thursday, June 10, 2004

I wanna sleep with u can?

I took emergency today, on the prentense that I have something to do at some govermental department and my good and naive head of design bought the whole fib.. line n sinker^^ man am I an evil, evil person or am I an evil, evil person... muahahaha! Well, I had to do it... pre-final WIP deadline for a interactive CD job at my own start up: friday, which means I have slightly less than 24 hours to do it O.o(today's thursday) Mwahahaha!~ Fire up the pressure cooker!~ But I must digress, I work extremely well under short deadlines, give me a longer one and i'll tend to slack off... googling up nonsense or spend my time idling away as a little acolyte in the virtual world of mRO.

During a hiatus(read: slacking off) from designing the interface, I had this interesting chat on msn messenger with this wonderful specimen of a female friend of mine. You see, this girl is the type of girl I would marry without a forethought just for her vibrancy, spunkiness, wit, intelligence and sarcasm :P And I think she's one of the few rare ones than can actually give me a physical and a mental hardie *winks and laughs* But heck, she definitely more than that to me of course!~ lolzx... I hope she knows that!~ Anyways, we were talking and I popped her a weird question:

"How do I get a good friend to sleep with me platonically and still remain a good friend after that?"

and she answered:

"Just ask her..."

O.o Just ask? Goodness... I doubt such forwardness would work? Just walk up to this particular girl and say, "Hi X, how are you today?^^ By the way, would you sleep with me?" Nope, nope.. I'm known to be gung ho, but I'm ain't that gung ho my Princess^^ I want this girl's lasting friendship as much as I want her luscious bod *laughs* But Princess did add:

"...but seriously if u wld spoil a wonderful friendship cos of your horniness then you are only worth this much..."

Hrm, true... but how am I spoiling the friendship? It's not a wham-bam-thank-you-cya session.. it's gonna be a two way thing and for all it's worth, I wouldn't want it to be a one night stand. I still wanna see her, hang out with her etc. But still I think there will be complications later no? Buddy sexing is never as simple as its made out to be(no pun intended :P) Thanks anyways for the input^^ Anyways, gotta get back to work.. I've been slacking off far too long.... Latersz...

Track Of The Day: Velvet Revolver - Slither


Blogger G said...

once again! didnt you say that I was the one! look buster, I've had it with you!!!

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote: just ask.. She might say yes.. But just warn her of roughly your intentions.. I think you wouldn't wanna fuck up your relationship with her. But I must say, a no strings attached fling sounds delicious to me -grins-

6:20 PM  
Blogger seth.frostheart said...

errr... @___@ *sweats*

9:32 PM  

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