Sunday, July 17, 2005

my weirdest bday present ever

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"well, thanks for the ride home...", she flashed me a million dollar smile.

"naw, no problem... i'm headed this way anyways", i checked my fuel tank and made a mental note that i might not have enough petrol to get home... damn... gotta find a petrol station quick....

she gave me a light nudge and laughed, "oei, you're headed this way? bangi? since when bah? i don't think so, you've like overshot puchong by like 20km or so..."

"well okay, i was being corteous... i don't think is safe for me to dump my friend who's a new girl in town at the LRT station... anyways, where's my bday present?", i extended my hand and gave her a cheeky grin.

she frowned and laughed, "OHHH, yau yum mau keh!!!~ kan chan!!!~ I got nothing for you bah", she made a sad face,"I'm but a lowly student, with a minimal loan wor... ngor hou charm ka..."

"it's fine silly dear... i was just teasing... ", i playfully ruffled her hair.

"hrmmm... oh nonono... this is your 30th bday after all yes? let's see what i have in here... ", she rummaged through her bag and her eyes lit up, "uhm, you want a pencil?"

i whacked the back of her head playfully, "gee, thanks for reminding me. and no... no thanks, i got loads of pencils at home dear..."

"uhmmm, how bout an eraser? a stabilo highlighter? a ruler?", she waved all of it in front of my face.

"OMGWTF!!~ uh, no... no... and no...", i laughed and pushed the things back to her.

she grinned, "uhmmm, doubt you'll have much use for my biology, chemistry and enviro science notes either... OH!, how bout this then?", she waved a bunch of photos and gave me a cheeky smile.

"aiks? your uni photos? hmmmm, why not? i like photos...", i nodded agreeingly.

"wokayyy... didn't think you would want it... hmmm... ", she flipped through and chosed a 5X7 out of the stack and penned down something on the back before passing it to me.

"wow.. gee thanks...", i looked at the picture and flipped it over to read the message she wrote, "actually hor, this is the weirdest bday pressie i've ever got so far... heheh."

"i know you want it... don't lie! you're my paedophilestalkerbear! ", she nudged my side and stucked her tongue out, "well thanks for the ride home!~ see ya when i see ya m'kay!~"

she hopped out of the car, winked and waved her hand frantically at me to go quick, "the guards are looking and they're coming!~ go go go!!~"

i nodded, waving the picture she gave and smiled at her before driving off...

Track Of The Day: Crystal Kay - As It Began


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