Saturday, July 02, 2005

relaxation is the color blue

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(photography[office skylight, clouds, sea], photoshop cs)

relaxation is the color blue,
like the skies,
like the clouds,
is like spending time with you.

like flowing feelings,
like running emotions,
reflected on moving surfaces,
like the seas,
like the sands,
like forever summer,
timeless, warm and calm,
everything is the color blue.

that is what i share,
on a breeze,
the thought of swimming,
in the blue sea,
under the blue skies,
only with you.

i have to lay off the chronic while listening to chillout cafe del mar cds... been having some vibrant and lucid waking dreams about gliding through ibiza's warm summer seas with hot nubile spaniard women... not that it's a bad thing mind you, heheh...

well too bad reality sinks in the moment the chronic hit dips and the cd ends... *long sighs*

Track Of The Day: Digby Jones - Under The Sea


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