Thursday, June 23, 2005

and she asked: how 2b pretty?

a message from shiori popped up on my screen a while back, "how 2b pretty sethy?"

I was taken aback. shiori wouldn't strike me as the person to ask such a question, her confidence is a tad short of overwhelming. for in my mind, shiori is as pretty as a dolled up school girl in a shibuya arcade in all her pre-20 five feet two glory. with her straight long sparsely tinted hair, chunky framed tinted specs and a slight ganguro tint on her skin. she could look all the lian that she is on a bad day but rarely it is so because without fail, almost everyday has been a good day to her.

what makes a pretty girl ask how to be prettier?

"him again?", i asked her. she said no, yes then maybe. i nodded a reply to her.

and to you that broke her, do not let such a trivial thing be a make-or-break gauge to your relationship. do not let something skin deep, as cliched as it may sound, break something good. take this friendly advice. eventhough i feel like driving halfway across the state now just to punch you in the face. do not walk the same path that i am walking. do not play the ego-game, do not feint nochalance, do not pretend that you don't when in actual fact you do... because you have once told me before that she means the world to you...

because if you do play this game, you will lose, just like me...

Track Of The Day: Thievery Corp. - Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes Out


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