Saturday, June 18, 2005

self in 9spaces: wannabesuperstarDJ

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hey Sam, lookatme!!!~ i'm a DJ just like you!!!~ :D

bah, who am i kidding... a crash course, a Pioneer CDJ 100S, a SCLAT Ecler Professional Modular Mixing Console, some no name programmable precussion pads does not make me a DJ, ever... lol. but i had a night of practice... so now i can spin 4/4 technos and some house beats, timing my programmed precussions and do a pretty good cross fade-mix now... whooo, i bet some ah beng discotechque would hire me, no shit... hahahaha!~

well, i'm still waiting to see you spin babe... can get me an invite into *cough* s'pore when i'm down pleaseplease? so i can hang out with ya up in the DJ/lighting console booth, where the view of dancefloor is helluva good *winks*

Track Of The Day: Faithless - God is a DJ


Blogger devoid said...

Hahaha...I might need you to get me an invite into *cough* KL next time!

Getting you in should be fine, but the window with the grand view is out of bounds's all mine! :D

11:12 PM  
Blogger Thai Boxing Girl said...

can i have an invite too, please? id promise to be good ;)

2:48 AM  
Blogger seth.frostheart said...

sam: well, it depends if tbg gets to work at *cough* kl or not :P go chummy with her la...

awww heck really? that sucks... guess i'll have to make do with the eye level view of the dancefloor, bah...

tbg: you asking me for an invite? why don't you accept to job there and get me the invite, haha :P

12:14 PM  

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