Thursday, June 17, 2004

A love song about betterlovedays...

Well, I finished all my work yesterday. The whole boring she-bang, the whole sleep inducing boogaloo.. *blek* So the only work left to do today is to render the whole bunch of compositions... yayzorz!~ A whole day of doing nothing... cos basically I can't do shit on the comp, and if the boss walks in, I would say:

"I can't use the comp, it's rendering for at least another 3 hours can't you see?" *points to the machine and whines* *chuckles* Evil evil me...

So now... here I am in the office, sitting on the big, plsuh sofa in my room with my beloved 4-string Ibanez SDGR Bass(blue stained soft wood.. sexay^^) plugged into my equally adored Peavey amp*strokes amp* Ah the bliss^^ Well I caught 311's Love Song on Channel V today. Can't say I hate it, but neither is it one of my favorite covers. Fortunately, the reggae, laid back sound really gives a different angle to the song.. and it attracts me somewhat. The Cure's version was a sad, heartstring tugging sorta song. Maybe it's Robert's vocals. 311's version gave me a "I-don't-care-if-it-ends-but-please-dont-end-it" kinda feeling. Hrm, you go figure^^

Well, please excuse me while I travel back in my mind and reminisce of betterlovedays while strumming the bassline to The Cure's version of Love Song... Laters...

Track Of The Day: 311 - Love Song(OST 50 First Date)


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