Saturday, August 20, 2005


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there's something strangely calming about being in singapore... it's like being near her... knowing that it's the hols in uk and she is back in s'pore... memorising the street she stays... knowing it like the back of my hand because i absent mindedly kept skimming the amk section of streetdirectory... standing in the lobby of pan pac, wondering if i'll be given the cold shoulder if were to suddenly walk around the corner to your house, turning up uninvited... maybe i should call 1st and see what's your reaction... i know i shouldn't, my gut tells me not to... it would turn out bad... but i really want to hear your voice again...

sorry bb. if you're reading this... an 8 year relationship with c. is hard enough to let go... and so is an 8 year of longing for e.

... i hope you understand...


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