Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Of love, grocery shopping, labels and shelf life stickers.

Love is a weird thing. I came up with a bizzare metaphor yesterday night while buying groceries with my some of my friends. While they were picking out some canned goods, I stepped towards them with a can of green peas in my hand, thinking and told them that I feel love is like groceries sitting on the supermarket shelf waiting to be picked up. But the catch is that they are sitting there, without labels or shelf life stickers... no details, no explanations, no signs of what the contents are... jut a silver colored tin can sitting there, sans.. everything. You won't know what you will be picking up, neither will you know how long it will last. When you open the can back at home, they might just have already expired and there are some that last a life time and there are some that you don't want because its not what you're looking for, even if the expiry date isn't over yet... And sometimes two people might be fighting over a can of peas cos' its the last one of that particular brand on the shelf or someone else could be standing there all day, trying to pick between two different brands of pasta sauce... Such parrarels between relationships and groceries, it's uncanny...

I know it's weird... this metaphor thingie that I came up with... but I just can help thinking and putting it in such a perspective... Bah, the perils of grocery shopping with a roaming mind.. ^^

Heck, better get cracking... as in looking for a job elsewhere. The ship could be sinking and I don't wanna go down with it. Fill you guys in on the details later... Frost out...

Track Of The Day: John Mayer - Clarity


Blogger devoid said...

From the word "love", I saw Chungking Express expired pineapple cans and secret house-cleaning in my head.

10:56 PM  

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