Friday, August 26, 2005

sleeping with, sleeping without

It's been a helluva week and summore for me while i was in singapore, not too long back... spending time with new friends... getting to know even more new friends... getting a sonic overload from a kick ass nine-piece, all the way from des moines, iowa... and being able to get hard alcohol from 7-11 and drinking it with friends by the road side at 1am in the morning, drinking with people that shouldn't even be drinking because of religious restrictions *chuckles*

and i've been sleeping with five girls so far... three girls in singapore, in the same bed, at the same time and two girls in kl, in the same bed but on different nights... all in the space of one and a half weeks...

oh don't shoot me down just yet, it wasn't sexual in nature... though if it was a few years back, i wouldn't bet my bottom dollar on it being not *laughs* but i wouldn't deny the fact that it does feel good, waking up in a semi-foreign country to a girl001 breathing on the back of my neck and your nose buried in a mess of nice smelling hair that belongs to girl002, three pairs of arms and legs entwined, their curves imprinted on the back and front of my body... brings back some good memories *laughs* girl003 slept with guy002 at the other end of the twinbed... From the looks they gave each other in the morning and the muffled sound of things in the middle of the night, i bet they had some fun exploring *wicked grins*

and so i came back to kl, to share a bed with girl004... after a night out of drinking with the gang, we went home... and we talked and talked, and then she cried... so i listened and consoled... as you can see, nothing could've happened, especially when a girl is sad... uhm okay... no wait, don't answer that :P but seriously, i would've rather slept on the floor than send her out to one of the wolves that was waiting for her...

but i guess nothing beats sleeping with girl005... waking up to hear her soft voice saying hi, to see her looking and smiling at me... you know who you are and you're always welcome to stay *smiles*

Track Of The Day: Zero 7 - Warm Sounds


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