Friday, July 02, 2004

some girls dance with women

I spent a wonderful dinner yesterday with some people at some fancy wine and cigar bar in downtown KL. And to recap why I said it was wonderful: wonderful red wine, which I promptly forgot its name(due too too much consumption of the aforementioned red wine :P), great company(a bunch of old, filthy rich corporate farts ogling at young women passing by and cracking dirty jokes^^ ) and excellent food(cos it was expensive and I didn't pay for it^^) Reason for the meeting: Me and my partners might have a chance to take over a multi-million ringgit production/editing/design company. Whoooo.. hell yea!~ Quick people, be happy for me!~^^ Well, all this came to play, no thanks to the heavy duty 'connections' of one of my partners... Ah, thus the wonderful machinations of cronyism works to my/our benefit *chuckles* I mean, can I complain? A 'free' company(that's already established for almost a decade, doing corp vid n design work)? A managerial/production position with a equally reasonable pay(that reflects the position of course and heck no, I won't turn into the ever hated management^^, I will still do design and editing)? Stock options? Annual dividends? I can see no wrong in this deal^^... Well, only thing to do now is to hope and pray hard that the deal goes through *squeezes eyes shut and puts palm together*

Nearing the end of the dinner, we(well actually the old filthy buggers with the keen girl spotting eagle eyesights, spotted them 1st) spotted a sight that was the highlight of the evening: Some girls/women were doing a slow slither, bump and grind on each other, in tune and timing to Amy Winehouse's 'In My Bed' O.o Heck, some of them were barely out of their teens, all dolled up and 'squeezed' into a short one piece spag strap black dress, that looks like a few sizes smaller on the top part or rather the top part of these girls were a few sizes too big for their body >.< Me and the guys was rendered speechless. Heck, to detract from sounding absolutely pervy in sentences earlier, we weren't gawking but we were just admiring.... oh fuck it, who am I kidding? Yes, we are pervy :P Most guys are anyways and we are the proverbial 'all guy, all hormones' ^^ So sue me!~ But the old men were even worse. They were going on and on about all things pervy that the will do to the girls *roll eyes* And they we speaking so loud, me and my partners practically 'melted' into the seats and blended into the cushion... hiding from the acid stares of other patrons... Bah, alcohol and loud, pervy old men just don't mix well do they? *bleah*

Heck, back to the dancing girls... Amy Winehouse, may the horndog gods bless your soul... you and your 'In My Bed' will be my favorite track for quite a while to come... hell yea^^

Track Of The Day: Amy Winehouse - In My Bed.


Blogger ejl said...

oh my god you really are a disgusting lecherous ageing perv! i think i'll have to reconsider my trip. it might be more hazardous than i originally thought!

but, on another note, CONGRATS MY DARLING! i hope the deal goes through as well, and that you get to take over this company, and earn many many many money. and then you can do as you promised, and we can run away to live like kings on an island far far away that you would've bought with the profits of this deal. yippeee~!

3:10 AM  
Blogger seth.frostheart said...

Oh please bunny...*rolls eyes* I wasn't half as bad as those OLD men >.< I just looked for a sec and I didn't stare okayyyy? Anyways, I'm just letting the hormones talk, dont mind me^^ guys are pervy becos nature designed them as such.. lolzx.. *shrugs* Ah yea right, blame it on Seth.. Oh please just let my post convince you otherwise from coming to KL :P Excuses lar uuuu.. I KNEW ITTT!!~ You're such a liarrrrrrr... *blek* ^^

Thanks for the grats.. got an update that things are moving fast and the future's looking great ^^ Happy happy joy joy!!~

Oh yea.. bunny, get back to me on the tatt and room thingie.. I wouldn't want you aching and bleeding with your tatt, sleeping on five foot ways in downtown KL okay? :P ^^ Luv ya...

9:35 PM  
Blogger ejl said...

i cannot find the bloody characters lah.. i think must go and flip through some idiot chinese calligraphy book or get some old man to write out for me. so mafan! but it'll be worth it. oh! did i also tell you that i wanted to get braids? but not now lah, maybe later like in september. and YOU are supposed to get back to me on the room ah. you're the one who messed up! sheesh *rolls eyes*

4:35 AM  
Blogger seth.frostheart said...

*sighhssss* okay okay... am looking for a room now >.< will let u noe soon ^^

10:38 AM  
Blogger Thai Boxing Girl said...

dude: first of all, good luck for the deal to come true. IF you need some PR people to help, don't forget me ok :D

As for the D.O.M (dirty old men), I know you are well above them. But then again, its just part of the drill when dealing with businessmen, and there isnt much harm to just gawk once in a while, ya?!

6:59 PM  

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