Wednesday, November 17, 2004

1st year, 1st company dinner

So I've been here for slightly over a year already and this is my first company dinner. We had a scrumptious japanese buffet (mmmm, shashimi!) and a cart load of sake (yum yum yum.. mmmm).

So.. yeah... I've nothing much to say about this new place when it comes to dinners and parties. This is a clean, unadulterated company. And when I say that, it means that the people here are so on the straight and true path, it makes me feel super awkward mingling with em, haha! So yea.. everybody had fun eating and drinking and that was it... Well, coming from companies with less savoury characters, this was like a 6 years old and below Disneyland ride *chuckles* Drinking was very orderly, Body contact was kept to a minimal, no hugging, no kissing, no fun... lolzx.

Which reminds me back in the "old days", a good party would encompass.. first: excellent food... second: copious amounts of liquor and third: a bunch of unihibited people... *laughs* I still remember, of the top of my head.. messing up a restaurant, trashing a hotel room, partying till we either dropped or was semi nekkid from all the drunk-dares, waking up next to strangers in a room full of equally strange people sleeping on the bed, sofas, floor.. yea, I've been there, done that... There were some other stuff that me and my ex-colleagues do which I shall refrain from mentioning here, lolzx. Things that will go down in the annals of bawdilicious history :P Well unless them people don't mind I spit out here on the blog for everybody to read.. hey, anonymity is still preserved somewhat.. and I doubt them folks from the advertising people look at this blog.. uhm, I hope not.. *frowns* :P

So yea... 1st company dinner at my new place... it's a nice change of pace methinks... but I can help but reminisce on the good old days, when the people are uninhibited, the girls are willing, the clothes came off easily and the drink were a-plenty ^^

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Blogger Saffron said...

Tell la, haiyo. *grumbles*

You know you want to, and you know you're just waiting for the bribes to come rolling in. :)

4:56 PM  
Blogger seth.frostheart said...

tsk tsk.. Saffy Saffy Saffy.. for a virgin, u sure are friskier than the horndogs I know *chuckles*

well.. mebbe I'll elaborate in future posts.. keep your eyes peeled then aye? *winks and grin*

5:27 PM  
Blogger Saffron said...

Ahem, I prefer to call it curiousity and a never-ending thirst for knowledge.

I clicky your linky everyday, dear uncle. Hint hint update more, heheh. :D

2:40 PM  

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