Friday, October 01, 2004

I Want...

I want to be back in Langkawi... sneaking into a restricted beach and floating on the waters while a royal navy cruiser steams into the distance. I want to be back in Koh Samui... relishing the night life, mingling with hookers and ang mohs. I want to be back in Hanoi... eating beef noodles and drinking beer by the roadside. I want to be back in Bali... hanging out by the roadside, busking with the locals while the smell of babi guling wafts in from the stall nearby. I want to be back in Singapore... chilling out in a coffee joint watching the busy people rush by while I bide my time.

I want the stillness in time to never unpause... while I sit here, static and everybody moves around me, clothed in motion blur. I want the rain to never stop pouring... as I sit here and watch the needles of water come down, illuminated by the orange streetlamps. I want my memories of midnight car rides, dinner with my parents and boggle sessions in my room to never fade... while I sit here looking at the pictures we took with each other.

"But all the miles had separate... They disappeared now when I’m dreaming of your face..."

Track Of The Day: Three Doors Down - Here Without You


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol.. the feeling of missing someyone ei... ain't that cute... *smiles*.. you know you can make it old dog. hang on..

5:05 PM  

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