Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Well... It's been almost a week and we're on talking terms again... Things are very different now, very... but I guess you can never be angry with someone you spent part of your life with... The usual dinners and movie sessions feels strange, like you're going out with a friend... not an ex-lover... but its something new from a totally different angle and view. Maybe we have grown out of a love relationship but we'd still like to keep the aspect of our friendship between us very much alive and I appreciated that gesture from her.

So yea... I kinda like this arrangement... semistrangergoodfriend... eventhough we know each other as well as the back of our own hands... I like it, I'm comfortable with it... so does she and so it shall be...

Today's tracks is from her.. I know what the song means *smiles* Well.. *laughs* She deserves to give me the final fuck-you after all... And I accept the song with an open heart....

Track Of The Day: Basement Jaxx - Good Luck Baby


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