Thursday, September 16, 2004

lying in the same bed, sleeping miles apart

"I let you go... go to her... go to e."

I came home to see her sitting on the bathroom floor. Tears, mascara and blood streaked on her face. She looked up at me and smiled the saddest smile. I see thin lines of caked blood on her arms. I scooped her up, checked her arm and sighed a half relief... play cuts, nothing too deep. I scooped her up in my arms and she curled up into it... and sent her to the clinic...

Now she sleeps beside me. In the darkness, the muslin bandages and gauze pad, dried rusty patches on white... like eyes... stares accusingly at me. Why do I make people go through all this for me? Why do people go through so much pain because of me? I'm not worth it... not in a million years... never. How can I leave now? What do I tell e. now? Why do I have to tell e. so soon? *sighs*

She shuddered momentarily and I placed my hands on her back. She sighed in her sleep. And for the first time, anguished... confused...

I cried...

"... we're lying in the same bed, but we're sleeping miles apart..."

Track Of The Day: Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow


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