Tuesday, November 02, 2004

a saturday night liquor boosted inane chat

A weird liquor boosted conversation session on a chill out saturday night

-Sitting at a bar with two friends-

girl 1 : Wow Sethy, that girl over there, is that your girlfriend or urm.. your ex? *looks over my shoulder to the other end of the bar*

me: Who? Oh her? The one petite one with the long hair? Yea, kind of..

girl 2: What do you mean kind of? *looks at me with a puzzled frown*

me: Well, we used to kinda live together and stuff so yea, I guess so...

girl 2: *whaps me* oh please be a man and own up okay? *roll eyes*

girl 1 : yea lar.. c'mon.. you lived together. Technically that counts as a relationship you know? *Roll eyes*

me: Okay okay okayyyy... sheesh...

-We then sat and drank a little bit more, ogling at the crowd of beautiful people. My erm.. ex came over for a quick chat, some introductions and went back to dancing with her friends...-

girl 2: Damn Sethy, she's so cute!~ She's not chinese right? She doesn't look 'yellow' *chuckles*

me: *nods* yea she's not *frowns* YELLOW! *looks back at ex* cute? really meh?

girl 2 : Heck yea.. she is... petite and curves all at the right places *winks* But she's kinda stuck up no...? *looks over at my ex walking away*

me: What? Shit girl, what do you expect? For her to come up, french kiss and fondle you? She just met you!~

girl 1 : *groans* Well.. MMmmmm... that would be good!~ *laughs*

girl 2 : *laughs* Yea.. I'm so damn horny right now.. I would really like to get it on with your ex-GF.. NOW! *grins*

me: *sighs* Well, not everybody's a les slut like you girls okay? Heck, both of you can have a piece of each other.

girl 1: Been there, done that... we want somebody new *chuckles*

me: What? a new partner to share between both of you or a F-F-F threesome? *look at the girls sideways*

girl 1&2: That would be good.. an F-F-F threesome!~ *laughs in unison*

me: You both are seriously twisted and fucked up.

girl 1: Yep, that's why you like us! Hell I bet you want to see us do the les thing in front of you right? right?

girl 2: Yea! Don't lie.. say yes..!!!

me: *mumbles*

girl 1&2: Hrm? What's that?

me: *louder* well, yea.. of course.. Which sane horny hetero guy wouldn't want to see two girls getting their jiggy on with each other? >.<

girl 1&2: *laughs* We knew it!~ Sethy you're such a perv!~

me: Yea yea yea.. whatever... since you guy are at it, I would like to join in as well :P

*This is the part where I get blue-blacks on my thighs n ribs.. OUCHZORZ!~*

Well the conversation grew quite boring from then onwards and heck no I didn't get to see 2 les get it on.. agh, saddddd, lolzx...

Track Of The Day: Hooverphonic - 2wicky


Blogger Nhar said...

Man, you are kinda sad, eh? Really dude, that was like telling cats to eat dogs.

6:11 PM  
Blogger seth.frostheart said...

cats eat dog? i dun understand lolibro... >_<

1:53 PM  
Blogger Saffron said...

I don't understand this preoccupation with lesbians. Is it the fact that you get to watch 2 women going at it, or the fact that deep down, you secretly wish to join in?

If it's the latter don't you think the pressure to perform would be too great? Hmmm...potential new blog topic, muahaha. :D

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im into lesbian porn lately, some seriously sexy and turn on stuffs!!! oh man, i can get on with ur 2 girls now, so can hook up please??

--- thai boxing girl

12:51 AM  
Blogger seth.frostheart said...

whats my preoccupation with lesbians u ask saffy? They all look bloody good, thats what... no insults to hetero females out there but omfg... my les friends are 8-9 on the male drollfactormeter... i kid you not. Heck even my ex is a lesbian... well, WAS until she hooked up with me... so does that make her a bisexual?^^ nows that double the droll factor, lolzx... well saffy, it doesnt have to ultimately end by being in bed with both of them, but no harm trying aye? *chuckles* perform? you're talking to someone with a drive to go all night saffy. Well mebbe with 2 girls, i won't last that long, hahaha but hey, that's where foreplay and toys come in to will some time away before i get myself ready to go again!^^ seriously, the lines are so blurred nowadays in every direction, you'd be surprised that even the most meek and quiet bespectacled good girl in the accounts department is actually a SnM freak, not that i'm saying anything about anyone i know... nope, no siree... hur hur hur...

well, thai boxing girl... i'll ask them... no harm trying aye? *grins*

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah mate, please let me know ;) really excited now kekekeke.....drop a hint somewhere and i'll be there mate

---- retired thai boxing girl

7:13 PM  
Blogger cyber-red said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:14 PM  
Blogger Knight said...

Envy forst..
do u mind share the pic for that FFF 3some ..

8:57 PM  

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