Monday, October 18, 2004

will you be my dirty little secret?

1X Saturday nite.
1X 3.2mp digital camera.
1X super hot tattoo-ed girl friend with a navel and labret piercing.
1X Adobe Photoshop CS.
1X Adobe Illustrator CS.
1X 2 hours design time.


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1X question: Will You Be My Dirty Little Secret?

"When I’m weak I draw strength from you... And when you’re lost I know how to change your mood... And when I’m down you breathe life over me... Even though we’re miles apart, we are each other’s destiny..."

Track Of The Day: Zero 7 - Destiny


Anonymous Anonymous said...

someone found a new toy...*grins*

11:41 PM  
Blogger seth.frostheart said...

uh.. *chuckles* well, seriously folks.. you guys should take blog entries with a pinch of salt and a ton of skepticism. No, I haven't found someone new... Just a nice to look at semistrangergirl that suddenly gave me an idea for that above piece of work. I barely know her at all and believe you not, I dont even know her name! (opsss...) she was sporting enough to uh.. sport a pout for me to macro in on... so yea... she does not exist and there's no dirty little secret dammit! Now stop bombing my mailbox you dirty freaks!! hahaha! :P

10:56 AM  
Blogger Saffron said...

Wow, that's a great piece of work! Her lips are really mesmerising, hehe.

When I finally learn enough HTML to code my own template (which, lets face it, will probably never happen :p), this blog will officially be the place for me to steal pretty graphics from. *grins*

1:19 PM  
Blogger seth.frostheart said...

*laughs* Saffy, images can be doctored... I went through 3 years of art shcool to learn how to paste my girl friend's heads onto porno stars bodies *chuckles* And yes, to also make things look better than they actually are! *grins* She wasn't that hot actually... I was looking at her labret piercing most of the time. You know me and my obsession for ink and titanium ^^ Plus the black dress, the dark make up, ciggy and perfume on her skin... Gosh, I'm such a sucker for those combinations, hohohoho... But yea, it's just pure lust at first sight(and this is aimed at a very jealous lou por somewhere in UK :P)

Oh.. y'know.. just give me a holler if you want help with your blogskin. I reckon I can come up with something, though I'm not much of a blogskinner as you can see that I'm using a default myself. If it has anything to do with photography doctoring.. do give me a holler... I would like to think that IS up my skill alley... so to say *smiles*

2:11 PM  

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