Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Meeting girls

Its funny that when you're single, people deem its neccessary for them to hook you up with their "Anyways, I have this pretty/cute/babe/sexy/hot friend of mine that you should meet..."

So there I was, a whole weekend and summore night out with friends. I've met so many Michelles, Amandas and Jessicas... their faces are starting to meld into one big mess of names O.o Not a good sign when they come back around again later, all friendly like(after one too many Margarita or Vodkas) and especially when they remember your name(even when they're stumbling around just as bad as I am) and for the love of God, you don't remember theirs!! AGH! Well, the free-flowing alcohol wasn't helping either, lolzx. So there I was, sitting and smiling at every girl who could be bothered to remember my name...

girls: "You don't talk much do you Seth?" *smiles*
me: uhm yea *shrugs* haha... *silence*

And they smile and walk away. Cue me banging my head on the table... and the background laughter of my assholic-as-usual friends. There should be a quota rule against too many girls having names like Michelles, Amandas and Jessicas. Seriously... *sighs* But on another note.. I've been coerced(by my friends and the girls, though I think the girls were doing it becos my friends "forced" them too.. hur hur. Yeah, and lets not forget the alcohol... lolzx) to trade numbers with them girls *grins*... not a bad thing but when you have to put Amanda#1, Amanda#2 etc etc on your phone number list, It all goes back to square one: who's face fits which Amanda... *thinks* Aww bugger...! *sighs*

Well so far, it's been a good weekend and I had me some good fun... Eid mubarak to my muslim friends and a good hols to the non-muslim ones.... Frost out...

Track Of The Day: Moby - Porcelain


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