Thursday, December 09, 2004

my no show at a royal wedding

Her wedding was last saturday afternoon.. but I didnt go. Too far, all the way in Ipoh... busy, with work and deadlines... nothing to wear, because it's a stately, prim and proper affair... All convenient excuses. I doubt I or anyone could muster enough courage to drag themselves to a wedding of someone they still think dearly about. And I'm not about to do a Bollywood scene and whisk away the bride into my waiting car and elope with her to God knows where. Not in front of royalties and high ranking guests.

So I think I'll just sit here in front of the computer on this Saturday evening, type this out and have Utada Hikaru's Final Distance on loop sans infinity...

Memories of her with me are good enough I guess... cos' that's all this coward is left with when he refused to make a commitment.... maybe I should've answered that one particular SMS she sent me, which I choosed to ignore... and things could be so very different now... Too many ifs and maybes...

"Aetai noni ienai nami ni osarete, Mata sukoshi tooku naru..."

Track Of The Day: Utada Hikaru - Final Distance


Blogger cyber-red said...

You know what they say you yearn for something you can't have anymore...Not to make you feel bad, of course. Merry X'mas anyway..

7:58 PM  

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