Thursday, March 31, 2005

all that glitters

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(image of e. in london, manipulated in photoshop cs)

Track Of The Day: U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

when words fail 001

when making conversation fails... i 'talk' myself and make self-conversation into art... albeit pained ones, but it's a release...

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jane is fictional, a metaphor.. she could be any name of any girl.. but jane sounds nice and it does rhyme when paired with once, i guess its a play on the syllables...

image... of a friend with the spring-summer sun streaming through the sun roof. poetry, self-penned... took an hour and some to write. it's still raw and clumsy somewhat... excuse the spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, if any...

Track Of The Day: The Herbaliser feat. Seaming To - Something Wicked This Way Comes


I called her and said, "I miss you..."

She paused and replied, "ok..."

Can't say I wasn't hurt by her nochalance, eventhough I've emotionally steeled myself for this kind of reply... Maybe too little has been spoken and said, and the silence between us has gone for far too long...

Track of The Day: Lamb - Transfatty Acid