Thursday, September 29, 2005

sitting waiting wishing

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(lomography[dead tree], photoshop cs)

one thing about trees, they make pretty interesting photog subjects... no two are the same... no two tilt the same way... no two are foilaged like each other... no two grow the same way... no two are the same height...

they don't fidget... they don't get giggly... they don't whine when you take too long... they don't moan if you snap them from their bad angle...

a profound metaphor about trees popped into my head while taking pictures: they're patient... they stay put... they face the same angle for years and years... they wait forever... well, almost...

even trees get tired of waiting...

and they die...

Track Of The Day: Jack Johnson - Sitting Waiting Wishing

Monday, September 26, 2005

one tree hill

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(digital photography[one tree hill], photoshop cs)

Friday, September 23, 2005

skinny dipping

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(lomography[your favorite shoes], photoshop cs)

old memories... i remember that day, you telling your parents you wanted to stay home because you felt unwell... i remember you calling me over immediately when they left... i remember skinny dipping in your kidney-shaped pool, sunning naked on the deck chairs... i remember your different skin tone, a contrast on mine as we lay entwined together... i remember the waft of lavender smell on your beige bedsheets and pillows... and your clothes cupboard as you toss the door open... i remember you teaching me about your religion and you asking me about mine... i remember your brown eyes... i remember your cheeky grin... i remember the last time i slept with you before you went over to NY... i remember the last email i got from you...

you said you would forget if i wasn't around... you said you would drift because you need physical attention and neverending affection... and i think i picked up that bad habit of yours...

so would you be flattered if i still remembered? because i'm very sure, you've already forgotten...

(picture credits to e. i would've asked your permission, but you aren't exactly contactable aye bunny?)

Track Of The Day: 3 Doors Down - Right Where I Belong

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

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(digital photography[mel and ai vee], photoshop cs)

why do i love my girl friends? because they
love each other as well *grins*

Track Of The Day: Low Millions - Eleanor

Friday, September 16, 2005


And thus i've been sandwiched between and quadruple whammied by four damn hot and sexylicious babe bloggers. It's either I do this meme or be cursed with a womenless existence *cue horror screech* by Laidbare, Hedonistics Anonymous, Cyber-Red and Chienne (actually only by Laidbare.. but since HA, CR and C is taggin me to, I blame them as well.. nyeh nyeh :P) *despairs*

I'm not particularly superstitious but goddamn... these four babes know i need my women more than my air, food and water... *sighs* they practically have me by my balls here, soooo here goes nothing:

7 things you plan to do before you die:
1) Get rich... preferably by hook and NOT by crook, but i'm not choosy. money is money (to fund the below endeavors...)
2) Travel and do photography (the whole of South East Asia, South Americas, Silk Road, Tibet.. any exotic locales)
3) Shoot my arthouse film(s) and those controversial documentaries that i've scripted up.
4) Get everybody from my old crappy band back together again and complete that bloody album we planned, no matter how bad we sound.
5) Own bungalows/houses/apartments in NY, Brasilia, Venice, France, Bali, HK, Shanghai (you get the idea :))
6) Have my own disco/club with a secret/private swingers den built into the basement.
7) Have sex with a hot pair of identical twin sisters and take both of them as my mistresses.

7 things I could do(for now):
1) Paint/sketch/write more.
2) Take more photos/videos.
3) Mess around in photoshop, illustrator, after effects and combustion and come up with something mindblowing.
4) Call up that identical twin sisters and hopefully hook "something" up :P
5) Go for my 20th cup of coffee for the day.
6) Go for a smoke.
7) Go out and buy a stack of lottery tickets or 6/49 toto from the nearby shophouses (why not start the get rich plan now?)

7 celebrity crushes:
1) Angelina Jolie.
2)Jessica Alba.
3)Kristin Kreuk.
4) Monica Belluci.
5) Yua Aida.
6) Reon Kadena aka Minamo Kusano.
7) Sora Aoi.

7 often repeated words:
1) Fuck/Fucker/Fucking/Fuck you/Fuck off.
2) Ma hai/Nia ma hai/Ma chau hai/Ma far hai.
3) Tiu/Tiu kau lei/Tiu lei lou mei/Tiu lei lou shi.
4) Yau mou lannnnnnn.
5) Damn/Shit
6) No/ Cannot
7) See Ya/Latersz...

7 physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1) Personality/character ( no... really... serious shit!!~ )
2) Smile (no.. really... oh SHUT UP you!!~)
3) Boobs (now, we're talking!!!~)
4) Body (curvy, shapely but nothing too skinny, i abhor stick insects, ergh O___o)
5) Boobs (nothing more than MY handful.. which, if you must know, is a 34C btw :P)
6) Longggggg legs/Height (Preferably but not a must have... petite girls rock my socks too)
7) Boobs (mmmmmmmmmmmmm...)

Not taggin anyone... cos' memes are ebilllll, and it seems that the whole bloody PPS blogsphere and beyond has been forced to "take" this meme up its behind three times over... ah well *chuckles*

Monday, September 12, 2005

word of the day: diver

i went to a drinking session a week or so back with some friends and was introduced as a "diver" in hushed tones by a close girl friend / ex girlfriend to her girl friends which i haven't meet before...

"girls... this is seth, and he likes diving a lot..."

"hello", they replied.. offering their soft hands... some of them went "ah..", with a twinkle in their eyes...

"diving? eh babe, i don't dive...", i nudged her and whispered into her ear... she then ribbed me back and gave me a wink and an all-knowing smile...

"ohhhhh... "dive"...", i cleared my throat and looked at her, wide-eyed, grinning at me like a fool...

god, i felt so fucking awkward that night... *sighs*

Track Of The Day: S&S presents – The Angels

Sunday, September 11, 2005

life maintenance in progress

i know i've been missing, doing some life maintenance... in progress... working out some work and life related hurdles... hence the MIA... and i might be off for a lil bit more longer...

just wanna clarify myself... i felt like i was being rude with my distance and silence, but i'm not doing it on purpose... worry not, dinners and guinness to those i promise shall be forthcoming, you know who you all favorite people of mine are *smiles*

just bear with me for awhile longer aye?