Friday, July 30, 2004

what is a promise to corporate bighats?

Goddamn em... I wonder what is a promise, what does it mean to corporate bighats? Some words to make your 'target' feel good? Lull em into a sense of false security? Fucking hell... the mother of all bad news just decided to drop on me through an SMS from my partner: now it seems we will not be getting the company lock, stock and barrel after all... The bighats, it seems are too unwilling to let go of their proverbial 'golden egg laying goose'. Technically, we will still be running the company but our share in it has become a minor stake instead of a major one... damn... So with my friend holding another chunk of 'major' stake... well, you get the idea. What's left would have to be share between me and another 2 partners... Oh for the love of God... this is so pissing me off! So basically, we will be nothing but workers yet again... but this time, to tie us down, we will be offered 'some' share options... *sighs* But I can't blame em bighats.. If it was me, I wouldn't wanna let go of something that I've taken 5-6 years to build and at this current moment, is continuously churning in money... and all they have to do is sit back and collect the 'golden eggs'...

So there goes my island, my resort, my resort like villa, my cars and my wives *laughs* bugger... So tell me dear readers, what's a promise to you then?

Track Of The Day: Our Lady Peace - Carnival

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

i never felt like this before

She's coming for a visit... and I'm so overjoyed. her, my favorite almostalwaysneverthere girl... beautiful 21 years old... smart... witty... spontaneous... free spirit... a lawyer to be... my personalangel... my life's adoration...

".....I like giving and receiving physical affection. don't mistake my holding your hand with endless love....."

This line she said struck me like a tons of bricks. So should I hold my fluttering heart still when she stands next to me? Pretend everything is fine and dandy when all I want is to hug her close to me and plant a wet, adoring kiss on her forehead or put my nose on her scalp and breath in her scent? So should I put my hands in my pockets? Pretend that I do not want to hold her small, soft hand in mine, carressing and stroking her every finger absent-mindedly? So should I keep conversations to common topics and not stray into vows of undying devotion? Should I not mention to her, for all that's worth that she is the girl I would like to spend my life with eventhough I barely know her? Should I look away everytime she looks at me because I fear that if I look at her eyes any longer, I would fall even more hopelessly into her......

Track Of The Day: Shaznay Lewis - I Never Felt Like This Before.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

how long does it take to heal a broken heart?

photoshop 7
illustrator 10
solitary fence
wide, lonely skies
1 missing friend
1 lonely heart...

i miss you boo, where are you?

Track Of The Day: Air - All I Need

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

excuse me miss

To the girl that I used to see all the time at Atria Shopping Centre, PJ. I doubt you will read this but I thought I'll just post it up anyways. Maybe a friend of yours could point you here? Wishful thinking...

Back then, you and your identical twin sister used to hang out alot, in your light blue pinafores and white baju kurungs at the KFC. She's the cool, funky tomboy and you are the cute one, with your big brown eyes and all ^^ I used to drive by your house and try to steal glances of you. Did you know I just live a few houses down from where you stay? Are you chinese or are you malay? You know, I never did actually find out though I would like to, if given the chance. But by chance, I saw you again yesterday at the SS2 pasar malam. You and 2 other guys, one which I presume to be your boyfriend. One of your friends was buying char kueh and so was I. You've grown up a lot, you smoke now and you still have that cute nose piercing that made you look absolutely adorable. As you walked away, I stole a glance at you and you looked back and flashed me a half smile. You, with your boyfriend, holding his hand, looking at me.. and me with my girlfriend, holding her hand, looking at you...

Track Of The Day: Jay-Z - Excuse Me Miss

Monday, July 05, 2004

memories of a dancing girl

Image Hosted by

Old pics of an old friend... Who grew up too fast for me to keep up with... May your favorite muse, Terpischore guide you, where ever you are... Always...

Track Of The Day: Eskobar - Love Strikes

Friday, July 02, 2004

some girls dance with women

I spent a wonderful dinner yesterday with some people at some fancy wine and cigar bar in downtown KL. And to recap why I said it was wonderful: wonderful red wine, which I promptly forgot its name(due too too much consumption of the aforementioned red wine :P), great company(a bunch of old, filthy rich corporate farts ogling at young women passing by and cracking dirty jokes^^ ) and excellent food(cos it was expensive and I didn't pay for it^^) Reason for the meeting: Me and my partners might have a chance to take over a multi-million ringgit production/editing/design company. Whoooo.. hell yea!~ Quick people, be happy for me!~^^ Well, all this came to play, no thanks to the heavy duty 'connections' of one of my partners... Ah, thus the wonderful machinations of cronyism works to my/our benefit *chuckles* I mean, can I complain? A 'free' company(that's already established for almost a decade, doing corp vid n design work)? A managerial/production position with a equally reasonable pay(that reflects the position of course and heck no, I won't turn into the ever hated management^^, I will still do design and editing)? Stock options? Annual dividends? I can see no wrong in this deal^^... Well, only thing to do now is to hope and pray hard that the deal goes through *squeezes eyes shut and puts palm together*

Nearing the end of the dinner, we(well actually the old filthy buggers with the keen girl spotting eagle eyesights, spotted them 1st) spotted a sight that was the highlight of the evening: Some girls/women were doing a slow slither, bump and grind on each other, in tune and timing to Amy Winehouse's 'In My Bed' O.o Heck, some of them were barely out of their teens, all dolled up and 'squeezed' into a short one piece spag strap black dress, that looks like a few sizes smaller on the top part or rather the top part of these girls were a few sizes too big for their body >.< Me and the guys was rendered speechless. Heck, to detract from sounding absolutely pervy in sentences earlier, we weren't gawking but we were just admiring.... oh fuck it, who am I kidding? Yes, we are pervy :P Most guys are anyways and we are the proverbial 'all guy, all hormones' ^^ So sue me!~ But the old men were even worse. They were going on and on about all things pervy that the will do to the girls *roll eyes* And they we speaking so loud, me and my partners practically 'melted' into the seats and blended into the cushion... hiding from the acid stares of other patrons... Bah, alcohol and loud, pervy old men just don't mix well do they? *bleah*

Heck, back to the dancing girls... Amy Winehouse, may the horndog gods bless your soul... you and your 'In My Bed' will be my favorite track for quite a while to come... hell yea^^

Track Of The Day: Amy Winehouse - In My Bed.