Wednesday, November 30, 2005

what did i do, i broke you in two

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(photography[from down here with you], photoshop cs)

it was never my intention to dance with you... but the music was so loud and our connection was so real... it moved my body...

i know i'm not alone... i know you feel it too...

Track Of The Day: Explosions In The Sky - Time Stops

Saturday, November 26, 2005

the web we weave

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(photography[jakarta], photoshop cs)

look up and see the wicked web we weave to hold ourselves down...

the web that is too high expectations, too much promises, too little time, not enough of everything that we want/need... taken away, given up, forsaken... refused, regurgitated, reused...

year end are always dreary in my diary, its automatically a reflection time, an auto recap, whether i want it or not... nothing hits you harder than a 10-ton 18-wheeler barreling at you at 125kmph on the expressway... an expressway called life and a 10-ton 18-wheeler called LABTYD...

i wish someone/something could rewind me back 10 years... and let me make everything right or almost right... cos' now it's downhill all the way, and the brakes ain't working at all...

Track Of The Day: Mercury Rev - Holes

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

9spaces: reta/bday

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(photography[me n reta @ genki sushi 1U], photoshop cs)

happy belated bday reta...

Track Of The Day: Incubus - Stellar

Monday, November 21, 2005

i found you, i found you not

monday, november 21st, 2005... i guess shouldn't say hi eh? i don't want you to run again... took me so long to find you...

i'm happy being a spectator, i'm happy that you're doing well and i'm happy that you found someone to take care of you in my absence... maybe one day i would approach you, say hi and brace myself for your reactions...

then again, maybe not...

all the best, and may you be the superstardeejaylawyer that you aspire to be...

Track Of The Day: The Seahorses - Love Me And Leave Me

Monday, November 14, 2005

a case of the butterfly caught

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(photography[my hands, butterfly], photoshop cs)

don't wanna let you go...

Track Of The Day - Massive Attack - Butterfly Caught

Friday, November 11, 2005

happy birthday hottie.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

bisa saja

widya quoted, " Bisa saja kau dan dia menikmatinya buat seketika, walaupun cinta bukan dasarnya... ia ikatan kasih sementara, hanya karena saling kesepian, keperluan manja dan memuja... but it does feel good doesn't it? there can never be enough love... or people wanting to love you, just as long as you know it doesn't go beyond a point... we are all only human after all..."

thanks widdy...

Track Of The Day: Gigi - Bisa Saja

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

everyday i love you less and less

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(photography[self, guitar and sofa], photoshop cs)

it was a good week's break from the grind... now, we're all back to the stone again *sighs* holidays go by faster when you're having a ball...

drop kick suzy said i drop too much bombs, emotional ones... i guess i agree with her... she said something to the lines of: people that lives in sealed space colonies should not throw hi-fragmentation grenades... *laughs* gamer analogies do make sense sometimes...

stop being nice... stop sending vibes.. stop being flirty... stop blurring the lines..., she says *sighs*

that's only providing that those that kena your emo bombs don't know how to differentiate things, she said... you can still be nice to me, you are not you if you're not flirty, she added with a smirk... WTF! sheesh, yea yea yea *laughs*

trashed the house gate and bust a tyre in a hurry yesterday... parents dropped their own bomb about our family problems... knnccb, the mother of all bad luck and fucked up timing, AGH!

currently hitting the low periods, the negative dip in the sine wave... kaiser chief's song sums up my emotions perfectly... frost out *bleah*

Track Of The Day - Kaiser Chief's - Everyday I Love You Less And Less