Wednesday, August 25, 2004

watching street spirits in the rain

Taking a break from work...

sitting by the bay window, watching the night rain come down... partially illuminated by the orange street lamps, glowing needles falling out of nothingness... cats hiding under cardboard boxes... tree danced to the urgings of the wind... and street spirits danced for me in the rain...

Track Of The Day: Radiohead - Street Spirit

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

he say, she say: forbiddeninterraciallove

She looked away at the pouring rain outside and said solemnly," You know what, we could've made beautiful babies together..."

I absent-mindedly played with the straw, twirling it around on the table top," Yea we could, I have no doubt about that... boy or girl... it matters not, they would've definitely be beautiful...."

"but I guess this is goodbye eh?"

She say, "Yea... I guess... but hush, please don't say goodbye..... "

She looked back at me, her mind searching for a correct word, "say... see you later..."

Track Of The Day: Sting - When We Danced

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Friday, August 06, 2004

come share a coffee with me

rm1 coffee in a styrafoam cup
stock photography (coffee stains)
digital camera
photoshop 7

There's nothing like driving down the highway at a leisurely pace of 60km/h, at 3am in the morning to make you feel absolutely at peace and totally relaxed. Sans traffic jams... sans queue cutters... sans... people... bliss. The neon orange yellow street lights casts hypnotic strobing light-shadow-light inside the car cabin... the purr of the engine and hum of the car tyres in the complete trafficsilence...

Time's like this makes me reflect on everything thats happening in my life... Lets me plan my next move in this chessgamelife... And when I get tired, bored... I'll pull into a 24 hour petrol station, get a cup of hot coffee and sit by the window... looking at the occasional vehicles thats passes by... monkey trapped in a stationary glass box staring at a monkey trapped in a moving metal box... Or I'll just walk back to the car, coffee in hand, climb on to the roof and sit there for a while... peacefully alone...

So, if you see someone sitting on the roof of a yellow Satria by the roadside, don't hesitate to stop and say hi... I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

Stranger, lets sit and talk for awhile...

Track Of The Day: Kings Of Convenience - Misread

Monday, August 02, 2004

rejection is a funny thing...

Rejection is a funny thing... I've never put much thought into it for I was never on the receiving end much... Reason being: a) I usually do the rejection or b) I was never brave enough to try for the girls that I like in the first place... So which brings me to this story:I had a bunch of trainees dropped onto me and my colleagues 2-2 and 1/2 years back.. Bunch of kids from Ipoh. I like Ipoh... I wasn't technically from there(dad was) but I feel an affinity to that place. Quaint little town... good cheap food, cheap beer, extremely friendly people, my hometown... you get the picture. Then there was this girl in the group, what can I say... She's a small town girl, ain't exactly my type. Her dressing's weird(sorry), she can't speak english(sorry!)... basically ain't my type. But it's cute how she drops little adoring notes for me, in her broken english... Heck, my colleagues were having a ball reading them out aloud, assholes!!! I wasn't interested and I was seeing this girl I fancy and who fancies me: a pretty malay girl.. my ultimate weakness.. lolzx... Anyways, as time goes on, she got braver.. she stood/sat nearer, her hands brushed against mine for a hundred times and finally she kissed me... As we were talking about design tips, she suddenly stood tip-toed and planted a smackeroo on my lips.. I went WTF.. and she ran off for the day...Now this is where it gets interesting... You see I wasn't exactly into her but the ebil side of Frosty started to rear its ebil head. I haven't seen 'him' for a long time... not since 'he' got me into trouble and I almost got my nose ripped off by a nailed plank back in college... *shivers* Anyways, to cut a long winded story short... Frosty got to 2nd base with the girl... short of a full on lambada... not because I didn't want to but I didn't want her to get 'sticky'... This was her 1st time you see... and I wouldn't want it to be a bad memory for her... and through experience, 1st timers stick. Anyways, methinks she should be doing this with someone she loves, not me, who's out for fun... Anyways, she was pretty angry and adamant when I rejected her and this was the last I saw of her, because their training ends in a few days and my company chose only 2 out of 8 of them... She left back to Ipoh with the rejected few...And so the story comes to a ending: I saw her again when I went back to Ipoh(University Teknologi Petronas to be exact... for a photoshoot...) . Out of pure curiosity, My finger dialed her number... the phone rang for a long time and I was about to press cancel when I heard her little voice at the end of the line."Hello? Frosty? Nei hou ma! Hou loi mou tar tin hwa pei ngor. Ngor lum chee lei mong kei ngor chor, haha!", she said. "Urm J? Hi.. ngor hou hou... lei leh? Ngor hou mong ah, tui em chee lor...", I added, with a laugh, unsure about what I should say. But then I told her I was in Ipoh for a job and she said lets meet up... with a adorable "lei laaaaa" at the end. I'm always a sucker for cute, pleading voices... lolzx. Anyways, we met up at a coffee outlet and boy was I in for a huge surprise. Gone was the small town girl. I her place stood a woman, all grown up. She has long hair now, which she leaves straightened, like the way they do nowadays... Gone were the atrocious metal framed glasses, she wears contacts now... and a smidgen of make-up, just the way I like it, nothing too heavy. And with the years, she transformed into a swan. And that thin spag top and hot pants looks absolutely divine on her... She shaped up a whole lot(a hell lot!) compared to last time... She was never a tall girl, heck she was small, 5 feet 2. But imagine this: If she was 5 feet 8, she'd be a killer girl cos' she has absolutely flawless skin(clean Ipoh air and water?), visibly long legs on a short girl(could it be because of the hot pants? *winks*) and she wasn't small chested to begin with! heck, she wasn't even medium chested(I should know... she's stacked... lolzx) And she took to me, like a long lost puppy to it's master. I was bewildered, slightly happy(because all the guys at the establishment were throwing poison dagger stares at me, haha). anyways, we sat and talk for hours and somewhere between the conversation, I asked her what sparked her total changed? She looked at me deep in the eyes, smiled and said, "lei... I changed because of you..." I was taken aback. Me? Make someone change? She said yes.. to show me that she can be like any town girl: beautiful(yes she is now), confident(yep), fashion savvy(check). I smiled and she beamed... happy that she has made me take a few step back, look at her a few times, defeated and proven a point with me. After that short three hours, we got up, hugged and turn to leave. She turned around and added, "Well since I'm now practically swamped with dates, thanks to you... I'll see if I can slot you in sometime in the future m'kay?" I shook my head and laughed as she walked off, with her back facing me, her right hand waving goodbye... It seems the hunter has become a hunted *smiles* Serve's me right... lolzx... Oh well, sometimes it takes rejection to make you see what you've missed out on *sighs*

Track Of The Day: Janet Jackson - I Want You

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