Thursday, October 21, 2004

a tale of two kittens(R.I.P.)

It's funny how when bad things happen, they happen in a whole bunch. This week was a rollercoaster ride:

A young stray female cat dropped by one day, weaseled herself into our hearts and then decided to get pregnant and give birth right in the shoe basket in front of my friend's room. Typical *laughs* Anyways, this was her first litter and as we all know(Well, I know this for a fact.. I don't know about you guys..) the mortality rate is quite high for first pregnancy, due to the negligence of a first time mother to be. It's unavoidable and here we are, saddled with two barely breathing kittens. One's black/white.. the other's orange, whos eyes should be open and they should be tottering about by now. FYI, I have hand-reared kittens before but they weren't this young. Usually, they're already tottering about with their eyes wide open. These guys are way too young for me or anybody to handle.One fucked up day, the mom suddenly refused to nurse or cuddle them for warmth. Prefering to go galvanting with the male cats as we struggled to keep these two alive. And it doesnt help that the kittens seems to have caught some kind of cat flu... nose gummed up with mucus, gaspbreathing through mouth and all. So here we are.. the most unlikely bunch of ravers, metal heads, tattooed and pierced freaks... the dredge of the society... taking care of two definitelydying kittens. Quite a sight that must be, as we took turns wrapping em up in towels and placing them on our chests. And as we took turns caring for them, we tried our very best to not get attached... but heck, who were we kidding? Those little buggers pawed and mewled their way into our iron clad, brick walled hearts. They looked strong as we warmed them up so we were pretty jubilant. But then suddenly we remembered, we didn't know how long has it been since they nursed. We voted unanimously to take em to the vet and go buy some cat milk formula and an eye dropper as soon as the pet shops open tomorow morning. Unfortunately, they both suddenly took a turn for the worse... one of them died yesterday when we got back from work and the other early this morning.

Well I know my heart broke into a million pieces and the girls cried their hearts out. And I don't know if it matters at all but the biggest, heaviest, toughest, 6 feet tall motherfucker of our group was all watery eyed as he cradled their lifeless corpse. We tried our best... And I guess it's time to let you go... Somebody loves you more than we do...

As Ina, who was there would say, "As much as you guys love them, God loves them more... Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun..."

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-R.I.P... In Nomini Patri, Et Filii, Et Spiritus Sancti-

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


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Oh my... I have been using my camera quite a bit lately. Last I touched photography or the darn camera was... *gasps* back in art school...!!! Oh the blasphemy of it all and to think that I minored in photography back then *shy* Ah well...

Anyways, I shall blind you with another series of blantant self-photos *chuckles* Narcissism at it best...

"The stair steps of a quiet day..."

Track Of The Day: Dragonash - Shizukana hibi no kaidan wo

Monday, October 18, 2004

will you be my dirty little secret?

1X Saturday nite.
1X 3.2mp digital camera.
1X super hot tattoo-ed girl friend with a navel and labret piercing.
1X Adobe Photoshop CS.
1X Adobe Illustrator CS.
1X 2 hours design time.


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1X question: Will You Be My Dirty Little Secret?

"When I’m weak I draw strength from you... And when you’re lost I know how to change your mood... And when I’m down you breathe life over me... Even though we’re miles apart, we are each other’s destiny..."

Track Of The Day: Zero 7 - Destiny

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


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For the lack of updates... I shall give in to the multiple emails(yea right.. more like.. 1 maybe, lolzx!) asking for images of me and my tatts/piercings. Unfortunately, I can only semi indulge you voyeurs out there with a glimpse of one of my ink and my piercings are.. erm, well... in private places, so to say and I wouldn't want to bump this blog from a G rating to a R would I? *winks and laughs*

So yea, that's an image of me. Not a very good image I know but hey. it's narcissism at it's very best... hohoho! So I am just that... a very plain, very geeky "yellowtoned" fellow... More to come, cos' the darn shutterbug just bit me again after such a long hiatus... bah
*Digs FM2 out of the dry sealed camera box*

Shout out to Intan: Hey babe... If ur reading this, everything will be superfine a-ok ^^ Missed you and RO... I stopped playing too. We should catch up sometime. I think you have a few coffee, dinners and movie sessions to collect from me! haha! Anyways, a promise is a promise... holler if you need a shoulder again... I'm always around...

Track Of The Day: Air - Playground Love

Sunday, October 03, 2004


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Track Of The Day: Towa Tei - Love Connection (funk remix)

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Spinning The Wheel

I got nothing much to say in this alcohol induced haze but this song was playing when I was at the pub with the blokes and gals... I asked the DJ to play it a few more times...

DJ: "Whoa.. again? You like George Micheal or..."
Me: "Its the lyrics... *smiles*"
DJ: "I KNEW IT! *laughs* Okay man.. I'll play it just for ya!"

Laters people, while I sit here and listen to the song a few more times on the PC, before I head home to my bed and a certain white singlet lying on top of my pillow...

Track Of The Day: George Micheal - Spinning The Wheel

Friday, October 01, 2004

I Want...

I want to be back in Langkawi... sneaking into a restricted beach and floating on the waters while a royal navy cruiser steams into the distance. I want to be back in Koh Samui... relishing the night life, mingling with hookers and ang mohs. I want to be back in Hanoi... eating beef noodles and drinking beer by the roadside. I want to be back in Bali... hanging out by the roadside, busking with the locals while the smell of babi guling wafts in from the stall nearby. I want to be back in Singapore... chilling out in a coffee joint watching the busy people rush by while I bide my time.

I want the stillness in time to never unpause... while I sit here, static and everybody moves around me, clothed in motion blur. I want the rain to never stop pouring... as I sit here and watch the needles of water come down, illuminated by the orange streetlamps. I want my memories of midnight car rides, dinner with my parents and boggle sessions in my room to never fade... while I sit here looking at the pictures we took with each other.

"But all the miles had separate... They disappeared now when I’m dreaming of your face..."

Track Of The Day: Three Doors Down - Here Without You